AvoMakersOs Intro


  • What is AvoMakerOs?

     AvoMakersOs is linux operating system based on Linux Xubuntu, designed to have very low hardware requirements and to offer to the user an enjoyable and easy-to-use gui.  It includes even many softwares that can be useful in your "Maker" activity and some security fixes, that were thought in order to allow the user to enjoy the MakerOS experience without any worries.


  • Why choose MakerOS?

     AvoMakersOS is a likely to be a good choice if you need science/engineering software on your linux machine and you want to exploit completely your hardware.  The use of XFCE, a very light desktop environment, will provide you with a very powerful, nice and responsive system.   Probably if you are a standard-user, with no interests in science/engineering you will find this OS like rubbish as you will install on your machine a huge collection of software that are useless for you.


  • How many versions are available?

     AvoMakersOS 15.05 LTS: AvoMakersOs 15.05 LTS is available in three different versions: 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64) and 64-bit (x64) low latency kernel.  The low latency kernel version is recommended only for powerful machine and for specific purposes (e.g. audio editing).

     AvoMakersOS 15.10: AvoMakersOs 15.10 is available only in x64 bit version. To realize three different version it takes a very long time and requires a lot of work and what's more we saw that most of people are interested in x64 version.


  • How often a new release is issued?

     New released LTS (Longe Term support version) of AvoMakersOs are published once every two years, usually in May.  Every year, usually in October-November another version (it's not a LTS!!) is released.


  • What are the differences between Linux Xubuntu and AvoMakersOS?

    We summarize the most important difference in the following table.

  Linux Xubuntu 14.04 AvoMakersOs 15.05 AvoMakersOs 15.05
Themes and Look XFCE - Xubuntu default theme (icon and windows) XFCE - Numix Circle Theme (icon) e Numix (windows) XFCE - Numix Circle Theme (icon) e Numix (windows)
Composite Disabled Enabled - XFM4 Composite Manager Enabled - XFM4 Composite Manager
Splash theme Xubuntu default Orange (modified for AvoMakersOS) Paw theme (modificed for AvoMakersOS)
Office Suite None. Abiword and Numeric are installed as well. LibreOffice (with additional extensions) LibreOffice (with additional extensions)
MediaPlayer   VLC VLC (with additional extensions)
PhotoEditing None Gimp (with additional extensions) Gimp (with additional extensions)
Browser Mozilla Firefox for Xubuntu Mozilla Firefox for Xubuntu (with addiontal safety and utility extensions) Mozilla Firefox for Xubuntu (with addiontal safety and utility extensions)
DockBar None Plank Dock
App menu Xubuntu default Slingscold launcher Dock menu bar
Antivirus/Safety tools None Artillery Artillery
Dangerous sites Host file  None With more than 10000 dangerous websites. With script for automatic update With more than 10000 dangerous websites. With script for automatic update
Gestore bluetooth BlueMan Removed Removed
True Type Fonts Not included Included Not included
Automated action scripts None Many automated action scripts Many automated action scripts (button in the top panel)
First configuration assistant None AvoMakersOs first boot script MakersOs first boot script
Onscreen system monitor None Conky None


  • Why is MakersOS 15.05 based on a Xubuntu LTS release?

     AvoMakersOS is thought for educational purposes: we decided to base it on a stable and long-term supported system to offer a system that does not need a version upgrade  every year.  Xubuntu LTS are supported for three years: for example Xubuntu 14.04 is supported until 2017, so AvoMakersOS 15.05 is supported until 2017.


  • What are the differences between AvoMakersOS 15.05 and 15.10?


      The main difference is that AvoMakersOS 15.05 LTS is based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS and AvoMakersOS 15.10 is based on Xubuntu 15.04. Then we have slightly changed the GUI and updated the pakcges included in the system. Moreover we decided to add new softwares and to remove some that was included in 15.05 version but now we considered them useless for our system.  

  • Which is MakersOS license?

     As every Linux Ubuntu derivatives it is released under GNU GPL license.  You may also need to visit Ubuntu website for further information.